Insurance marketing increase your cashflow

Insurance marketing increase your cashflow

Most business owners have not spend the time or have not had the opportunity to really learn insurance marketing. In fact one insurance agent I know said once you get licensed forget everything you know.

Insurance marketing is not about who has the lowest prices. Most insurance agencies are only talking about lowest prices – one thing I like about Allstate is in their marketing they say dollar for dollar no one protects you like Allstate.

The next thing many insurance agents do is just let people know what services they have. Marketing is not just letting people know what it is that they do but understanding human emotion and why people buy.

During the 1950’s Abraham Mazlow  wrote on human needs.  There are 4 basic human needs that all humans have no matter age, background, or culture – If we lived the 400, 1500, 2000 years ago people would still have the same human needs.

So in your insurance marketing you can link a human need to your insurance products and show how people will get the results they want by buying your insurance products.

For more tips on your insurance marketing click on the links in this article.

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown

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