#1 Joining Visalus

Joining Visalus

Visalus is 1 of the biggest network marketing companies to hit the market. A few years ago Monavie was the fastest company ever to Billion dollars and it looks like Visalus may bet this record if it has not already.

A little over a year ago I generated a lead of a girl who is in my local area who at the time was in Prepaid Legal at the time she told me she was not convinced about Prepaid Legal but I was not in a MLM at the time either.

Then a few months ago she called for a Visalus tasting party I went thought it was great I was not ready to sign up but since then she has diappeard off the face of the earth which she has always done then 6,9,12 months later I get a call from her.

I probably she not be saying this I know I will have a flood of people contacting me about Visalus but at the time I have not joinedVisalus for 1 reason only I have not found anyone to work with.

It is not I cannot find anyone in Visalus it is that I have not found anyone who I want to work with. You see I have spend years in marketing I know what I am doing probably stuff very few people in MLM are doing.

I know how to sell I have a coaching and marketing company but I have not found anyone who I want to work with. I have had a few people call me but they were not interested in me as a person they were only interested in me joining their Visalus team and what they could get out of me.

In closing Visalus is a great company if you find someone to work with work with them. If not and If you would like the secrets of what I have done to become one of some of the top MLM company top retailers visit our website.

Chris Brown

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